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So Dive in from the Boards!

So Dive in!

Give Diving a Go! 

Extracts from the original little book.



Whether you want to learn and train as a competitive diver at local level or international level,  whether you choose to learn diving for pure enjoyment and fun,  what better challenging,  stimulating and healthy past time can you choose?

Can be a wonderful, graceful floating sensation in the air  It’s  a lovely feeling to  spin, turn and twist in the air. You poise yourself wondering whether you’ll have balance when you reach the end of the diving board,  and the courage to lift yourself high waiting for either a floating graceful sensation down to the water – or a sudden explosion of energy into lots of twists and somersaults in the air.“Gosh will I get it all in before I enter the water?” you ask yourself. 

What about all those entries into the water?  It’s a wonderful feeling of pulling all your muscles as tight as tight as can be,  squeezing your ears with the tops of your arms,  and feeling yourself sucking the water down as you enter.  

All the people above the water will see nothing but a few bubbles as your beautifully pointed feet disappear under.  This is called “ripping”  your entries.  You “rip” through the water,  taking the splash down with you.  This is a very skillful art.  Your coach will spend many an hour with you teaching you to perform it “just perfectly.”

OUCH! the water can be so hard

And what about those other entries into the water?  Water looks so blue,  soft and inviting but sometimes you can get muddled in the air,  completely lose your train of thought and OUCH!  the water is so hard and winding you that you can hardly breath,  stinging you and hurting all over.

It’s no laughing matter,  but… oh my!  the colourful bruises that emerge over your skin – any shade of blue,  green or yellow will make you hero of the week when you attend school next day!

This can all happen when you want to run before you can walk.  Understandibly you are ambitious and enthusiastic,  the focus can easily be upset when you are thinking of too many things at once or too soon

It is important to progress step by step over a longer period.  Also never to attend your lessons when you are feeling unwell.  When you are off colour,  you will not be sharp thinking.

Whilst on the subject of alertness,  you must be aware of possible dangers in the pool and around the diving boards.

Always Listen to your Coach

Never push anyone  from the poolside or diving boards.  At anyone time be the only one on the springboard diving board and always jump in line with the board – never to the side – and be sure not to swim UNDER the diving boards.

It’s advisable to attempt new dives only when your coach is with you,  or perform any movement with your back turned facing the water.

Dive safely to be safe! and you will be looked up  and learn from from your fine examples.

You have to have style.

You will achieve more at a faster rate if you have “Style” or “HEY look at me” attitude,  plus of course a willingness to learn.

If you carry yourself well having a straight back, pulling in tummy muscles,  good square shoulders,  your diving exercises will come a little easier to you.

If you don’t consider yourself having these advantages then DO NOT worry,  your diving exercises will put you right!

If you have the correct attitude and really want to succeed then you will.  Bodyline can be taught,  attitude is harder to teach.

If you are aware of what your body does when you move around,  and have natural ability to stretch your muscles and point your feet and toes,  to be able to feel when your legs are together or wide apart,  once taught the take off from the diving board you will balance well.

You’ll look artistic in the air,  and carry this through to your fabulous “rip” entry into the water.  To have the advantage of muscle control, tight or slack,  then you are well on the way of learning quickly.

Don’t fret if you find this difficult,  exercises help to streamline you – as instructed by your coach –  and will eventually be as unconsciously effortless as breathing!

But…it does involve devotion and courage if you wish to dive in competitions and take this game seriously!

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