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So Dive in from the Boards!

So Dive in!

Give Diving a Go! 

Extracts from the original little book.



Whether you want to learn and train as a competitive diver at local level or international level,  whether you choose to learn diving for pure enjoyment and fun,  what better challenging,  stimulating and healthy past time can you choose?

Can be a wonderful, graceful floating sensation in the air  It’s  a lovely feeling to  spin, turn and twist in the air. You poise yourself wondering whether you’ll have balance when you reach the end of the diving board,  and the courage to lift yourself high waiting for either a floating graceful sensation down to the water – or a sudden explosion of energy into lots of twists and somersaults in the air.“Gosh will I get it all in before I enter the water?” you ask yourself. 

What about all those entries into the water?  It’s a wonderful feeling of pulling all your muscles as tight as tight as can be,  squeezing your ears with the tops of your arms,  and feeling yourself sucking the water down as you enter.  

All the people above the water will see nothing but a few bubbles as your beautifully pointed feet disappear under.  This is called “ripping”  your entries.  You “rip” through the water,  taking the splash down with you.  This is a very skillful art.  Your coach will spend many an hour with you teaching you to perform it “just perfectly.”

OUCH! the water can be so hard

And what about those other entries into the water?  Water looks so blue,  soft and inviting but sometimes you can get muddled in the air,  completely lose your train of thought and OUCH!  the water is so hard and winding you that you can hardly breath,  stinging you and hurting all over.

It’s no laughing matter,  but… oh my!  the colourful bruises that emerge over your skin – any shade of blue,  green or yellow will make you hero of the week when you attend school next day!

This can all happen when you want to run before you can walk.  Understandibly you are ambitious and enthusiastic,  the focus can easily be upset when you are thinking of too many things at once or too soon

It is important to progress step by step over a longer period.  Also never to attend your lessons when you are feeling unwell.  When you are off colour,  you will not be sharp thinking.

Whilst on the subject of alertness,  you must be aware of possible dangers in the pool and around the diving boards.

Always Listen to your Coach

Never push anyone  from the poolside or diving boards.  At anyone time be the only one on the springboard diving board and always jump in line with the board – never to the side – and be sure not to swim UNDER the diving boards.

It’s advisable to attempt new dives only when your coach is with you,  or perform any movement with your back turned facing the water.

Dive safely to be safe! and you will be looked up  and learn from from your fine examples.

You have to have style.

You will achieve more at a faster rate if you have “Style” or “HEY look at me” attitude,  plus of course a willingness to learn.

If you carry yourself well having a straight back, pulling in tummy muscles,  good square shoulders,  your diving exercises will come a little easier to you.

If you don’t consider yourself having these advantages then DO NOT worry,  your diving exercises will put you right!

If you have the correct attitude and really want to succeed then you will.  Bodyline can be taught,  attitude is harder to teach.

If you are aware of what your body does when you move around,  and have natural ability to stretch your muscles and point your feet and toes,  to be able to feel when your legs are together or wide apart,  once taught the take off from the diving board you will balance well.

You’ll look artistic in the air,  and carry this through to your fabulous “rip” entry into the water.  To have the advantage of muscle control, tight or slack,  then you are well on the way of learning quickly.

Don’t fret if you find this difficult,  exercises help to streamline you – as instructed by your coach –  and will eventually be as unconsciously effortless as breathing!

But…it does involve devotion and courage if you wish to dive in competitions and take this game seriously!

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Sunday, 18 January 2015



"It's good, it's brilliant and where did you get the idea?
When it's available to buy there'll be orders from us - NO fear."
Off to the superstores and warehouses with prototype to show,
"How great! wow...what a awesome invention!  when they're around please let us know."

How often my partner and I have heard all this before,
We know it's good,  the market's there,  and is needed more and more.
But the work and the effort over a decade - we thought was almost in vain,
To get it produced was disappointing and let down again and again.

The phone and the fax ringing all day, potential customers enquired
About the Invention, they've heard on the grapevine -  how CAN it be acquired?
Via media, overseas and home, with lists of clients long...
"Are they manufactured yet?" was the persistent song.

There have been many downfalls,  highs and lows,
Once passed the bouncers many companies say "How clever!" - but NOTHING - that's the way it goes.
Spending on Patents, expending much energy and stress,
No-one gives a definate NO,  but then no-one says YES.

Miles and miles of travel,  securing appointments one after the other ,
Moral is boosted to exhileration,  only to find in time they just don't bother.
As soon as you're out of the door there is proof it's all forgotten,
But to us and our passion it's real, and it all seems so rotten.

Manufacturers shelve ideas, for them,  that would be the best,
But how can they possibly know this without putting concepts to the test?
Those that were successful we turned to for advice,
The response being "Sorry I can't help you, but the product is "very naice."

Despite the knock downs, an Innovator and his Partner must show plenty of faith - it's TOUGH,
There comes many a time when one feels you've simply had enough.
It's a lonely expensive business just the two of you,
And despite, commitment and endeavour there's only so much you can do.

You begin to wonder despite the "hearing's" whether it may not be as good as you think,
If companies were not prepared to help,  there must be a chink?
Fuelled with more determination you hang on in there and continue persevering,
Despite many sacrifices,  midnight oil burning, days become nights, you persist in believing.

Prospective clients keep hammering the point "the product will sell",
It's disturbing and humiliating,  you know this fact oh! so well.
With no-one to make commitments,  sign on the dotted line, you suffer duress,
All that Innovation?...  just lying around...useless.

But SUDDENLY your day arrives,  you have a deal!
What were everlasting speculations and fantasies now become very real.
Now EVERYONE wants a slice of the action,  as they come bounding over to you,
There's interest,  motivation, there's action,  they'll do anything for you.

Sell outs,  Industrial Awards, National Press, having to keep check on the stock,
National and International the  dreams of your life just running amock
Why oh why does it have to be all this way,
The years of struggling, and the belief, until you reach this day.

One thing's for certain, past reticent ones could come chasing - the tables being turned,
Recalling the days we needed THEM - and we were spurned,
This particular Inventor would like to help budding Inventors, recalling those days
Advising and mentoring,  and helping them to better ways

Believe in YOURSELF is the order of the day,
Trust your focus, it doesn't matter what others say.
Keep striving and driving through obstacles that could block your way,
Whether the suns shining or not, " JUST MAKE THAT HAY" will be deserved.

First written 2009 Anne Green Jessel

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Heat Loss is Invisible - See Where it's Gone!

Heat Loss is Invisible - See Where it's Gone!

Richard Jessel's Calculation  GRAPH (pdf)   He calculated the figures below and used these to produce the  graph.
See common problems below this chart, with samples of different permutations which must contribute to the complexity of producing a universal document for heat and money loss for a letter box?? R's "had a go" for a simple guide.

So far there has been no success on our part to find specific documents concerning heat loss and money loss dissipated from a STAND ALONE letter box.  There may be some out there, and if anyone who reads this and can help we would really appreciate your contact.

Letter boxes as part of a door perhaps is a different story re documentation,  but it's a fact that the problems from this silent culptrit can still be applied.  

There are so many permutations when evaluating the loss of heat and the incoming of cold air through a letter box.
When the box is shut firmly and tightly,  this pretty well removes the problem.  
However,  how do you gauge and document the energy lost through a flapping letter plate, a rattling letter box, a broken letter plate, one missing all together and the various angles of opening sucombing to jamming by various thickness's of mail and small packages?

Broken spring - heat loss here

 This maybe a favourite!  but needs some protetion behind.

There's so many styles of letter boxes fitted into a door
The modern way  - lifting upwards. 
The traditional way - of pushing through the aperture,  horizontal or vertical and all coming with - or not -  brushes,  flaps, curtains.



Opening difficulties of the letter box can be taken into consideration too. Heavy springs seem to be the norm to keep it shut.  The post can hardly get through and when it does - if it does - is crunched due to more obstacles and often gets stuck.  Also another valid point - consider the extra time this takes tackling the delivery,  with the letter box open to the elements allowing your heat to escape and cold air to trickle in.
Even fingers.  This is certainly not nice mentioning this, but why not?  the fact remains it happens. There are many case histories on the web. To name just two blog spots....

Heat loss here

The above can be applied to your beautifully insulated door too - it really defeats the object unless you have an outside letter box - have to open the front door to retrieve your mail and papers.  More heat loss. Porches will help,  but actual posting difficulties are not completely alleviated and could apply to   through the wall letter boxes,

Added to all this 
We then come to the material of the letter flaps.  Are they metal? are they plastic? each having different thermal conduction characteristics - coming into the home or going out of the home.


Even the colour can either absorb or radiate heat.  All this together with the variable air temperatures outside your home and inside your home...and wind pressure and... not forgetting humidity. 

How can a stand alone letter box be universally gauged for heat,  energy and money loss? As mentioned,  if there are such documents please let us know.  

Meanwhile, the guide to heat loss costs above have been devised by Richard using some of these variable situations.  He has done the best he can at the moment.  
It gives an indication of the Thermal Units you need to replace the heat loss under these variable conditions (only you know what you pay per btu - and the way your letter box behaves.) 

Bear in mind...

Once you have warmed your home you will then only pay to replace the heat that you are losing by having inefficient thermal or draught protection.


You need 100 standard open keyholes to equal one letter box

There are many forums on the internet that have specific letter box threads with many suggestions of overcoming general difficulties with their letter box.  Just a few of them are mentioned above and... with some of the permutations.

How often is this ignored? - heat loss here

Sunday, 17 February 2013


You may as well say this now,  if you haven't prepared for energy saving yet by now.
all the money you've slaved for, the hours of work  (and hoping you enjoy your job)  you've just let it slip out back into the atmosphere.
Where IS the sense?

Your money dissipating as you try to keep warm - feeling irritated and fed up.
Just imagine a little thought a few months back and you wouldn't be feeling like this now.

Granted,  there are people who can afford to tolerate the discomfort. They just arrange a few days away, close the door behind them, leave the howling, whistling, blowing,  rattling letting it all look after itself  and off they go to find the sun

The likes of most of us just cannot afford to do this.  The home is supposed to be our haven.
Warm, Cosy and Secure.  
If our money blew out of the window, chimney, letter box, floorboards and loft can we honestly say we achieve these three important ingredients?....and... unlike the above mentioned  wouldn't have a nest egg to escape.
Just listen to your house.  It needs to keep warm even if you don't.
So prepare long before the inevitable cold months come along.

Make a list of all those draughty corners, cracks, slits, holes and even if the birds are singing, the sun has a smile on its face and the flowers nod in the contentment of warmth - and there is no cold air trickling into your home -  don't STUFF the draughts - refer to your list and and get the draughts stuffed.

Our climate cannot be guaranteed anyway and certainly a fine line between the seasons cannot be drawn these days.

Think of the dark dismal and very cold days we had during the summer months 
and think of the spring like days we've had in the winter months.
Be warm all the time guided by logic instead of the marketing seasons.

Go for ENERGY SAVING the whole year round.  Take all the guidance you can with eco, green, literature  media, promotions - take up the offers whatever time of year.

We apparently are in an ice age right now? - ice being at top and bottom of the planet
Don't let your home feel like an iceberg and have to pay for this.
Where's the sense and feeling of wellbeing in this?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

An Inventor's Input

 "address the draughts-
the thermostat should be left alone"

Cold v.Warm

Very basic analysis.

Now remember!
For you to feel a cold draught coming in,  an equal amount of warm air has to be lost.
The outside feels the warm air you lose - you only feel the cold air that replaces your losses.
Very often the cold air you feel on one side of the house is because of the warm air you are losing on the other side of the house... or upstairs... or through the roof.

A case of air flow - invisible but invincible - the front door is more likely to slam if a rear door is opened or vice versa.

Warm air rises,  cold air falls.
A misted up mirror/window clears from the top down.
A mirror on an internal wall will clear quicker than one on an external wall
A high mirror more quickly than a lower mirror.

It's clearing
Insulating a wall above a thermostat,  especially on an external wall IS a benefit. The reason being if not insulated...
Warm air rises, and collects at ceiling height.
When contacting the wall it cools and drops down when it reaches the thermostat.
It's colder than the room air temperature.
It turns on the boiler unnecessarily because "it" thinks the room air temperature is low.
It's only the air adjacent to the wall that is cooler (the air falling on the thermostat)
Insulating the wall above reduces this unnecessary waste,  plus wear and tear of the boiler cycles.
Even a shelf above the thermostat will help.

This logic can be applied to cold air coming through from all parts of the front door.
If the thermostat is situated near to your door, the cold air falls onto it and kicks the boiler unnecessarily into action once again.

Insulate around the door
Use a draught stopper
Ensure no obstruction of  mail delivery so that jamming open of the letter box is prevented.
If your letter box is noisy, then you are losing heat and energy.

One solution that could be considered - here 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hi Folks
The time of year has come - the gales - the ice - the snow - the rain and sub zero temperatures - and yet households are still prepared to squander their heat out into the atmosphere, and pay higher and higher energy bills.
Can't understand this with all the national promotions for conserving heat and paying less on energy costs through OUT the year - the green eco of today.,  and more recently THE GREEN DEAL launch.

People really do resist change don't they?  A small proportion  take on board the wonderful offers and products available and can't see the bigger picture.

The holidays, the partying of COURSE are very necessary in life - helping combat the doom and gloom that surrounds us every day,  but... isn't it sense to clad your house to become a warmer home - initially and in some cases plucking small amounts of money from the "Leisure Pot" to ensure all these steps to saving energy and saving money are taken.

Now in my mind that means MORE money for the "Leisure pot!"

Why do people wait until its' too late?  During the summer months much home decorating and improvement takes place - new kitchens, new bathrooms, new annexes, new gardens, new carpets and so on and so forth -  these are the jobs for the warm weather.  Now what beats me is that why can't preparation for the colder weather be undertaken at the same time?  It really does make sense.

Okay the marketing emphasis and their seasons tell people they wait until the colder weather before rubbing energy saving products under the consumers nose, and thus a large proportion of your resources - your money and energy -  has already been dissipated before undertaking steps to prevent this,  and beware! the dreaded high energy bills coming through the letter box.
Bit late don't you think? especially when the over spending at Christmas coincides with the bitterly cold months and days following this period have to be endured.   The horse has long gone before bolting the stable door.

The Horse's Bolted by now

What a shame all the energy saving precautions weren't taken during the warmer weather. But this is marketing.  Be guided by logic rather than marketing seasons.
It's daft that people can't see it this way.

So back to today, one day in January - we've ruled out there is no money in the pot this month, but at least or rather towards the coming months of warmer, longer days,   get to grips with all the areas of the house that howled, rattled, blustered and swirled with draught,  from chimneys, windows, floorboards, lofts, around doors and ....through the letter box and start preparing NOW.

Do it NOW!

Due to marketing seasons again you may argue  "Oh no, the oncoming warmer days are the time to book my holiday, arrange my garden parties,have my new conservatory, buy my new car - those swirling days of draft can look after themselves until the next winter comes along" - and so the same cycle starts all over again.  Doesn't make sense.

Get out of this rut. Stuff, line, edge, replace with effective energy saving products in readiness for the cold months ahead.  They are inevitable.  Have your "Leisure Box" and toss in the £'s, but  have alongside an  "I'm Going To Be Cosy Next Winter Box"  and toss in the pence starting now.  Get prepared not only for the beach but for your home warmth.  This is the time to do it.  NOW. (and you'll have more money for your Leisure Box - did you work this out?)
Start here and you'll find out where to go and who can help

Monday, 31 May 2010

I Decided To Enter A Competition!.......(and a little about my Town)


"We deserve to win because we have developed a much-improved product which can benefit millions of householders at a modest cost.
It's superior performance includes elimination of draughts, and saves heat loss
Acceptance of larger postal packets
Obviates damage to postpersons's/newspaper person's fingers (dogs bites/cats scratches)
Never jams (no springs or hinges)
and is easily DIY fitted without the complete replacement of door furniture."

Let me introduce us.
My husband Richard and I live in Reading due West of London. I feel privileged to live in a town that lies on the banks of the River Thames.

Since I came to live here from Horsham, I've noticed considerable change. I remember when I could park my car in Reading, ANYWHERE I liked!
The 3 Bs - Bulbs, Biscuits and Beer were still going strong, and the quaint roads and terraces that held memories of many years still upheld their character.

Gosh how Reading has changed in not too many years. The heritage and custom having all been left behind, making way for a different age all together. It's hard for me to remember how it used to me. Alas the 3 Bs have now disappeared, with the more recent brewery Courages (as opposed to the original Simonds Brewery) finally closing it's doors early this year.

Minor residential roads with those pretty terraces now mass evicted from the face of the earth and mighty express ways, roaring noisy traffic trying to show us all this is the age of progress. never again would I be able to drive down Broad Street finding a lucky parking spot just whilst I pop into Marks.

No, Reading is covered in "No parking" "No waiting" "Yellow lines" "Permits only" and so on. Multi storey car parks are the only thing now.

Broad Street (the main shoppng street) is now pedestrianised, the old character buildings in Reading have made way for high rise and 21st century architecture. The old Station premises refurbished once, and now a gigantic leap into a second refurbishment forthcoming.

Reading is becoming cosmopolitan - bars - outside eating areas, good history and arts facilities, and we can't exclude the very famous "Reading Festival" hosting thousands of visitors from all over the world. The Hexagon Theatre, not long ago the new pride of Reading, is possibly in store for complete renovation or rebuild.

We have a fine Museum and Art Gallery, thankfully restored, maintaining it's Victorian architecture. A new Library and Archives department once part of these premises, now occupies a site near the the old Abbey Ruins. The old Abbey ruins where King Henry 1 is said to be buried. Many celebrations, concerts and gatherings take place here, but sadly now closed due to extensive damage, and extensive funding needed to restore and become open to the public once again. "The Abbey is of "Sumer is ICumin in" fame where legend has it that it was written here by a monk.

A campaign for the restoration of an Edwardian Open Air Ladies Swimming Bath is in progress, of which I'm part of (see my video above)- one of my biggest interests being "Lost Lidos" I'm intending to completely reconstruct this site but it'll take me months!

The Riverside itself hosts many carnivals and festivals, all for family enjoyment and entertainment.

The old Battle Hospital (from the work house days) has gone, and a Tesco's built on it's site. I used to nurse here in the Coronary Care Unit. The hospital is now amalgamated into the Royal Berkshire Hospital which once laid in it's own picturesque grounds, including "Greenlands" the old Manor House that became the private wing where war flying ace - Douglas Bader - was nursed after losing his legs. All the green has gone and is now a complex of Departments - the original hospital building surrounded by a mass of new architecture where sometimes interior transport is required to get from one area to another.

Facade of shops are changing, some have been restored, and many fashionable choices are found within the indoor shopping "town" The Oracle. This centre replaces the old car parks and warehouses that once aligned the River Kennet, which now has become a facility for hustle and bustle, with cinema, wining, dining, bistros, bars and has a touristy holiday feel of night life. The only lack of change are the narrow boats, barges and small cruisers sedately weaving their way through!

Reading indeed is becoming a tourist centre for all, and certainly a place on the map, especially to host football fans crowding the Madjeski Football Stadium, home to the Reading Royals, now moved from Elm Park to the other side of Reading.

Quite apart from football, there are many leisure and sports facilities, and a special place in my heart is the Central Swimming Pool where I started coaching the competitive sport of Diving, (Springboard and Highboard) through from ground level to International Level. The now "Albatross Diving Club" that I founded from the days I formed a diving section within Reading Swimming Club, is still going strong with many talented divers on the National Training Programme.

Reading still holds the tradition of a Girls Grammar School, and a Boys Grammar School, also Private schooling, in amongst many Comprehensives dotted around. Many pupils graduate onto university and making Oxbridge, plus the few celebrities we have treading the boards over our broadcasting waves, in comedy, film and presentation. All boast coming from Reading! Now affectionately???known as "Little London"

A little about me
I grew up and went to school, and trained for the nursing profession in the Midlands - I'm a "black country lass" However I've been living in the South of England for more than half my life.

As well as holding various positions within the Nursing profession including management, I married, have a son and two daughters, and now three lovely grandchildren. I managed to keep my involvement going in my sport, havng been a National diver myself - highboard and springboard diving. The Albatross Diving Club in which I trained many diving squads, included my two daughters Marianne and Juliet who performed well at National Standard, and Marianne reached Senior International Level, winning many awards and gaining achievements along the way. I was a member of the GB Panel of Diving Coaches of which there was 8 and I was the only female! The circle at present is recycled in both my son and daughter as coaches, plus my grandaughters, diving to turn the same circle again! A Ce Ce diving video is on my Facebook page.

The Business
The second chapter of my life has included a husband with a very fertile, inventive mind as well as being a genius in electronic design. He owned and still owns patents.

We've been in business for just over a year bringing our first product - Ecoflap - onto the market. I took the opportunity to venture away from my desk from marketing, tweaking websites, accounting, catching up with dispatching Ecoflap, in order to catch up on the local newspapers.

I came across a Barclays article in a local newspaper mentioning an opportunity to enter a competition for business's with new original ideas, either at total start up stage or a young business looking for expansion and.... the prize money was £50,000! I hasten to add, to use as a business bonus and to help start or expand a business. No trips around the world!

The Competition
I thought why not have a go. There was so much waiting to come off the drawing board with other products still at prototype stage. If we should be so lucky then this would allow expansion so much sooner, plus the prestige of having achieved this.

I immediately went online and read how to to enter the Barclays Take One Small Step Business Competition, read the rules and conditions of entry, how to browse other entries and finally how to submit an entry.
So... I decided to register Jessel Innovations - ecoflap
calling it "Blowing Away Draughts and "Rattling" Heating Costs

I printed off the forms from the website and practised writing out the various sections that necessitated completion of entry.

The public were only allowed to see a 50 word summary, but the in-depth business details were for the judges eyes only.

These sections were a 500 word background history, plus how the money would be spent if we were to win. Projection finance forecasts and how the products would benefit the community and market. And what singled us out from the rest of the competition.
There was also the option to make and upload a 2 min video. The whole process, and with the care. detail and attention needed, was not an easy process, but eventually I was satisfied and I submitted my entry 22 days later.
The video making and editing was extremely fraught, the first attempt being of 10 minutes long, and having to reduce it to 2 mins and getting the message across!
Our entry was submitted into the South West Region, being one of the 10 regions.

It was interesting to note the views, comments and backing support during the 1st round, .and...being of competitive nature had my eyes on the other entries too.

I have to say that the quality and ratio of our support, views and comments of our entry were very pleasing. You have to work very hard marketing and preparing your business colleagues, suppliers and clients to help you in the competition, plus of course all our family, friends and relations.See our entry here -
Please add your support if you think we deserve it!

The Lead Up
When I left the nursing profession I decided to take one of Richard's patents and see if I could do something with it - without my husbands knowledge. The product was at prototype stage.

It was a completely new concept in letter plate design - a first since the Penny Post 1840! and the difference being.....a letter box that never blew open and yet didn't have any springs or catches. The precise engineering helped acquire a fine balance. plus it adapted to the size of the delivery, lightweight with no components to break. It looked simple, but the simple things are the hardest to invent and achieve!

Today is the day of energy efficiency, green and eco, and I thought this product would fit into this emphasis of todays climate, and because it was so radically different from the normal letter box, decided it would be good to develop it within the criteria of the patent as an interior letter plate to replace brushes and gravity flaps used to help keep out the draught. It would not necessitate complete exchange of door furniture - it would work well and retro fit a letter box aperture from 6" up to over standard size replacing existing brushes and gravity flaps. Even accepts small packages saving second deliveries, unnecessary emissions, and most of all saving the most valuable resource... time.

It had proven it's draught cutting quality. In the early stages of development it had been on the roof of a car and blasted with a vacuum cleaner never blew open!!! So after 3 months of research and a 5000 leaflet distribution to get the feel of letter boxes, I arranged its first exhibition in January 2008 and booked a stand at the National Housing Federation Exhibition at Olympia, London, taking the prototype along.

There was one snag however, I desperately needed technical expertise and I had to reveal everything to my husband Richard - he came as my ASSISTANT!!!! he was flabbergasted.
The "ingenious" product went down well with the delegates. Also architects were present. Of course at that stage, these were words of encouragement and they wouldn't realise how it would pan out and develop if indeed it would. We were relying on our own private funding. We hadn't applied for investment.

A similar exhibition at the Ecobuild Exhition at Earls Court followed the next month - showing off the prototype. It was exciting, exilerhating and very busy. This time Richard was labelled his correct title of Designer/Inventor! There followed other Exhibitions during the year.

Although Richard continued in full time employment developing a "no touch" panel for bathroonTVs within the corporate industry. being installed at the Sofitel near Termnal 5, the inside letter flap was developed into "Ecoflap" with the help of technical drawing engineers expertise, and "Parts" engineering in UK for testing and developing.

For our first year, ultimate manufacture was too expensive therefore the Ecoflap was manufactured in Hangzhou China. We had developed an excellent rapport with our manufacturers, via email, skpe and telephone, and the experience of our technical drawing engineers' experience of liaising with China. We were determined to launch the Ecoflap onto the market at the Ecobuild Exhibition 2009. And we did!

Despite the recession being at its worst, we'd acquired a bank loan to enable manufacture and we received them just in time for the Exhibition!

Although very hard work, the year continued to go from strength to strength, requiring further consignments. and there was committment for further development even with Ecoflap itself! We had it tested at Wintech Engineering Ltd Telford at 114 mph (1700 pascals of air pressure - and it didn't blow open). Why doesn't it blow open letting in the draught
You don't have to be DIY qualified to fit Ecoflap! Fitting is so simple.

We've been inundated with enquiries for cat flaps with the same attributes. Little did these people know that prototypes of cat flaps were already in existance adorning the work benches. These flaps "petways" will also act as fire escape for pets. Just as Ecoflap uses the wind to blow it shut and keep it shut, eliminating smoke penetration, but not stopping your pet. They will be able to fit into walls or doors.

Blown up to human size, it was trialled at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. Although built of fire door material it was as light as a feather to operate. It was installed at the entrance of the gymnasium at RBH (not as an interior door as it had not been fire tested due to expense at the time) and helped tumultuous traffic of patients in wheelchairs, with walking aids, porters with stretchers, and arms laden staff... for 5 years.

With my steering, and to keep the inventor on a steady course, the aim is to develop and market these products, plus produce the complete letter box draught proof system as an intergral part of door manufacture. I'd like to see the letter box system on every door and become the standard. Other patents are pending.

There have been ups and downs during the year, but against all odds, with determination, focus and... courage, we've developed products that serve and will serve the consumer in an immediately beneficial, effective way in true keeping with the energy efficient climate of today. There are online resellers resulting in National promotions, also abroad.

If we were to WIN the Barclay's Competition we would be able to bring these products to market quicker especially as Richard is now spending full time in the business. I'm passionate about bringing these unique well designed products to market. I really want "it".

I'm overjoyed for Jessel Innovations to be placed in the TOP 3 Finalists - selected from 371 business's representing the South West. The public vote starts 7th June - 4th July.

I'll be doing my utmost to market our success, and to convince people that we're the one's to vote for. We won't let YOU down. Our main focus is our Customer Care and to help in all areas we can at any time. Please look out for us and be part of our success.

Reading has a very good University with some very innovative research ideas.
Innovation also happens outside universities and specialist establishments, and we know how hard it can be, and we would like to help and share our experience with other struggling innovative people and try to reduce the number of good innovative ideas that are wasted or high jacked and therefore not encouraging further individual innovation.

I will keep you up to date on our next "moves" and thank you all for all your support in the first round.

Please ask your friends to visit my blog. Lets put the Great into Great Britain for Invention!

All for now, and thanks for reading!
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