Sunday, 17 February 2013


You may as well say this now,  if you haven't prepared for energy saving yet by now.
all the money you've slaved for, the hours of work  (and hoping you enjoy your job)  you've just let it slip out back into the atmosphere.
Where IS the sense?

Your money dissipating as you try to keep warm - feeling irritated and fed up.
Just imagine a little thought a few months back and you wouldn't be feeling like this now.

Granted,  there are people who can afford to tolerate the discomfort. They just arrange a few days away, close the door behind them, leave the howling, whistling, blowing,  rattling letting it all look after itself  and off they go to find the sun

The likes of most of us just cannot afford to do this.  The home is supposed to be our haven.
Warm, Cosy and Secure.  
If our money blew out of the window, chimney, letter box, floorboards and loft can we honestly say we achieve these three important ingredients?....and... unlike the above mentioned  wouldn't have a nest egg to escape.
Just listen to your house.  It needs to keep warm even if you don't.
So prepare long before the inevitable cold months come along.

Make a list of all those draughty corners, cracks, slits, holes and even if the birds are singing, the sun has a smile on its face and the flowers nod in the contentment of warmth - and there is no cold air trickling into your home -  don't STUFF the draughts - refer to your list and and get the draughts stuffed.

Our climate cannot be guaranteed anyway and certainly a fine line between the seasons cannot be drawn these days.

Think of the dark dismal and very cold days we had during the summer months 
and think of the spring like days we've had in the winter months.
Be warm all the time guided by logic instead of the marketing seasons.

Go for ENERGY SAVING the whole year round.  Take all the guidance you can with eco, green, literature  media, promotions - take up the offers whatever time of year.

We apparently are in an ice age right now? - ice being at top and bottom of the planet
Don't let your home feel like an iceberg and have to pay for this.
Where's the sense and feeling of wellbeing in this?

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