Saturday, 2 February 2013

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The time of year has come - the gales - the ice - the snow - the rain and sub zero temperatures - and yet households are still prepared to squander their heat out into the atmosphere, and pay higher and higher energy bills.
Can't understand this with all the national promotions for conserving heat and paying less on energy costs through OUT the year - the green eco of today.,  and more recently THE GREEN DEAL launch.

People really do resist change don't they?  A small proportion  take on board the wonderful offers and products available and can't see the bigger picture.

The holidays, the partying of COURSE are very necessary in life - helping combat the doom and gloom that surrounds us every day,  but... isn't it sense to clad your house to become a warmer home - initially and in some cases plucking small amounts of money from the "Leisure Pot" to ensure all these steps to saving energy and saving money are taken.

Now in my mind that means MORE money for the "Leisure pot!"

Why do people wait until its' too late?  During the summer months much home decorating and improvement takes place - new kitchens, new bathrooms, new annexes, new gardens, new carpets and so on and so forth -  these are the jobs for the warm weather.  Now what beats me is that why can't preparation for the colder weather be undertaken at the same time?  It really does make sense.

Okay the marketing emphasis and their seasons tell people they wait until the colder weather before rubbing energy saving products under the consumers nose, and thus a large proportion of your resources - your money and energy -  has already been dissipated before undertaking steps to prevent this,  and beware! the dreaded high energy bills coming through the letter box.
Bit late don't you think? especially when the over spending at Christmas coincides with the bitterly cold months and days following this period have to be endured.   The horse has long gone before bolting the stable door.

The Horse's Bolted by now

What a shame all the energy saving precautions weren't taken during the warmer weather. But this is marketing.  Be guided by logic rather than marketing seasons.
It's daft that people can't see it this way.

So back to today, one day in January - we've ruled out there is no money in the pot this month, but at least or rather towards the coming months of warmer, longer days,   get to grips with all the areas of the house that howled, rattled, blustered and swirled with draught,  from chimneys, windows, floorboards, lofts, around doors and ....through the letter box and start preparing NOW.

Do it NOW!

Due to marketing seasons again you may argue  "Oh no, the oncoming warmer days are the time to book my holiday, arrange my garden parties,have my new conservatory, buy my new car - those swirling days of draft can look after themselves until the next winter comes along" - and so the same cycle starts all over again.  Doesn't make sense.

Get out of this rut. Stuff, line, edge, replace with effective energy saving products in readiness for the cold months ahead.  They are inevitable.  Have your "Leisure Box" and toss in the £'s, but  have alongside an  "I'm Going To Be Cosy Next Winter Box"  and toss in the pence starting now.  Get prepared not only for the beach but for your home warmth.  This is the time to do it.  NOW. (and you'll have more money for your Leisure Box - did you work this out?)
Start here and you'll find out where to go and who can help

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